10 Important Facts About Male Sexual Health After 50

On the issue of sex, the Internet is full of articles and suggestions. This is not surprising, given the fact that sex is a very important part of our lives. As with any other important thing, in sex, we also face different problems during different periods of our lives. For example, when we are young, we worry that we won’t be up to a challenge and may not be very good sexual partners. However, with time, we mature and realize that sex is not an enemy but a friend. Sadly, the older we become, the more we see it the opposite again.

Despite all those myths concerning age changes in men, the one thing never changes: it is the males’ ability to have fun and enjoy erotic pleasure. Of course, things are going to be a whole lot different in their 50-plus years. After all, for our bodies, sex is like a relatively light form of exercise. And with age, no one becomes better in sports. Yes, in their 50s, men are less active, can’t maintain the fast tempo, so on and so forth. But why needs this? Even without too much activeness, sex can still be a pleasure for both partners. The only requirement is that 50+ guys need to adjust to the changes in their bodies.

Facts about male sexual health after 50

Due to the fact that male sexuality and sexual health are filled with myths, we want to share with you the top 10 important facts that will help you deal with those myths and improve your sexual life. To defeat the enemy, you need to know not only it but also yourself. We hope that our list ill help you improve the overall quality of your life too. One should never underestimate the negative impact of those myths on their lives. For example, too many men in their 50s struggle to find a new wife, because they still believe in myths. So, shall we begin?

1. Erections rise more slowly
The first thing first erectile dysfunction is a widely known male problem that most frequently appears with age. The problem here is that guys take absolutely normal age changes for erectile dysfunction. Thus, they gain complexes that severely damage their self-esteem. In reality, in the late 50s, men need more than just sexual fantasies to have an erection. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have them. Furthermore, there is a way how you can use it to your own advantage. As you know, women get aroused slowly than men. Consequently, slower erections can help you to synchronize your arousal level by paying attention to other things in sex.

2. Premature ejaculation may appear again
According to scientists, men over 50 have higher chances of premature ejaculation. Even if a person has never had this problem, he may face it after 50. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is the one you have probably deal with a long time ago. It is penis-centered sex. Here, everything is very simple. The more sexual pressure a person puts on his organ, the fewer chances there are that it will handle it. The other problem is anxiety. As you have guessed, it is way harder to deal with it. However, the recipe is the same: a person needs to focus on other types of sexual activities. This not only will decrease the pressure on the male organ, but also will help to relax, and deal with anxiety.

3. Additional reasons for anxiety
We have already mentioned that anxiety is one of the worst enemies of stable and strong erections. Also, we have already said that people always have reasons to be anxious. Sex is too important for us to be able to be calm when we approach it, especially with age. After 50 men become more experienced and skilled, but this doesn’t protect form questions such as: Will I have an erection? Will my erection last long enough to please my partner? All those questions cause anxiety, and it can ruin erections at all. The best way to deal with this problem is to accept the fact that age changes in our bodies call for changes in our sexual behavior.

4. Changes in sexual attraction
When people think of sex, most frequently, they imagine intercourse. This is due to our culture and social opinion. Unfortunately, with time when men pass way beyond their reproductive years, sexual intercourse can no longer serve as the main sexual attraction. After all, men after 50 tend to have more problems with erections, and women after 50 develop vaginal atrophy and dryness. As you have guessed, all those factors stand against comfortable intercourses even with additional lubricants. The best solution to this problem is to focus on oral sex and toys.

5. Erectile dysfunction medications are not a necessity
Another very powerful myth about sex after 50 is that men must regularly use erectile dysfunction drugs to have stable erections. Even though men after 50 have problems with erections, according to the statistics, less than 9 percent of men use erectile dysfunction drugs. The main explanation for this fact is that, usually, partners in couples are approximate of the same age, and they both suffer from age changes approximately to the same amount. Thus, standard sexual intercourse is not wanted or even not possible for both of them.

6. That is when your healthy lifestyle fully pays off
Unfortunately, we still can only dream of being immortals. Sooner or later, age changes everyone. Today, a healthy lifestyle is literary the only way to reduce the aging process. Of course, it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle, but the earlier you begin, the more beneficial this will be for your body. Things like smoking, heavy drinking, obesity, and passive lifestyle can significantly damage your health and increase aging. On the contrary, even light but regular physical exercise and avoidance of alcohol helps to postpone age changes. Thus you will feel younger than you truly are.

7. Noticeable decrees in libido
In addition to other factors that decrease male libido, we should mention a significant decrease in testosterone production. As you know, testosterone is the main “male” hormone. It regulates the male’s libido and even the strength of the erection. When the level of this hormone drops, men tend to experience a significant decrease in libido. Simply put, after their 50s, they don’t want to have sex as often as they wanted in their early 20s. But this not another reason for anxiety. Men and women experience this decrease in libido approximately at the same age.

8. Men after 50s are better sexual partners
This fact may sound very surprising, but this is true. I bet you already have an idea of why this is a fact. With all those age changes, men after 50 become calmer and less selfish in sex. They need to have more time to get aroused, which means that the foreplay is going to be longer. Plus, men after 50 pay more attention to touching and other aspects of sex. Needless to say that those men are way more experienced, and it is much easier for them to give pleasure to their partners. For them, sex is more partner-oriented.

9. Lack of stamina
With age changes, men also suffer from a significant decrease in stamina. Thus, even if they and their partners can have intercourse, they still are not as active as they used to be. However, this is not something bad or dangerous, but only if they know how to act to turn it into an advantage. First of all, not everyone likes active intercourse. Secondly, the most effective and universal way to resolve this problem is to focus on different aspects of sex. For example, a couple may extend their foreplay or pay more attention to oral sex.

10. Increases risk of injury
Unfortunately, with age, we don’t become more flexible, and, generally, our bones and muscles become more fragile. This happens because when aging, we lose collagen and calcium. Therefore, some poses that couples used to love in the past are no longer accessible to them. For these very reasons, doctors say that people over 50 should be very careful in sexual experiments with poses. After 50, it is better to stick to the easiest and the simplest poses to avoid unnecessary traumas.

Tips on how to enjoy sex after 50
Even though after 50 people tend to want sex less, they still have this desire. And there is nothing bad in fulfilling it. However, men and women after 50 need to adjust to the new reality of their sexual life. We have prepared some tips on how to enjoy sex after 50.

1. Be attentive to your health
Your body is a mechanism, and sometimes, even the best mechanisms may break. Your task is to prevent your body from breaking. It is always easier to prevent something than to cure, especially when it comes to sex. Thus, never neglect your health and regularly check it.

2. Consider lubes and medication
If you and your partner still feel like you want to have standard intercourse, you should consider medications to help you with this process. For example, you may use Viagra or Cialis to ensure your erection. And don’t forget to buy some lube.
3. Talk to your partner
It is absolutely normal when partners in couples have different sex drives, especially with age. It only means that you need to talk to each other. This will help you to find common ground, and you both will have fewer reasons for anxiety.